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Welcome to Foothills Travel

Ponder a moment, if you will, your ideal holiday. Every nuance accounted for. Every ‘i’ dotted, every ‘t’ crossed. All questions conceived of and answered.

Imagine now you have arrived at your destination. You are standing on the verandah of your temporary abode and there before you is what you envisioned. A snow-covered mountain, romantic beach, or perhaps a centuries-old castle. Relax now, and enjoy the view. Let your dream vacation begin.

Wherever your whims lead you, let Foothills Travel get you there.

Our mission is to provide our clients unique and unforgettable travel experiences, building memories one vacation at a time. We work with you to match your travel interests and your lifestyle with the journey of a lifetime.

Call Sheree Dreewes at 425-255-5181, email her at, or visit on the web at

Sheree in Belize

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